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How would you like to learn that you have hundreds or thousands of dollars in forgotten funds from credit union accounts, over-payments to debt collectors, unclaimed proceeds from courts, unpaid wages, pension funds, estates and forgotten real estate deposits?

Surpise! You might own a part of the $100 million in forgotten funds waiting to be claimed in B.C. and a new website lets you instantly find out.

Residents of B.C. can search the BCUPS website for any money they’re owed and funds can be claimed through a verification procedure.

The non-profit B.C. Unclaimed Property Society has already paid out $1.2 million this year. “For many people, particularly seniors, finding forgotten money in a dormant account can be a life-changing experience” the B.C. Unclaimed Property Society says in a press release.

The BCUPS receives funds from financial institutions, courts, tax offices, companies and the Public Guardian and Trustee of British Columbia. The biggest payout so far has been $357,262 in 2011, however, most accounts hold around $250.


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