Dan Mangan sings A Very Vancouver Christmas (VIDEO)

Dan Mangan

We all know that Christmas in Vancouver isn’t exactly your stereotypical holiday scene. Seldom do we see snow and temperatures are almost always above 0° C. So when others are dreaming of a white Christmas or building Frosty the Snowman, we’re usually out walking the seawall in our rain boots.

CBC Radio One’s On the Coast show thought it was about time we had a Christmas song our city could relate to, so they asked CBC Music Producer John Siddall to write an ode to Christmas, Vancouver style.

Dan Mangan sings the tune along with the On the Coast Children’s Choir. Some of the lyrics were crowd-sourced through their radio program and Mangan gave the song his classic vibe.

The song and video has Dan Mangan on vocals Jon Siddall on instruments, Gary Morgan on snare drum, jingle bells and as recording engineer; and featuring The On The Coast Children’s Choir, Brent Hodge as video director/editor and Chris Kelly as camera operator.


It’s Christmas in Vancouver,
no snowflakes falling down
Won’t all the cars be happy,
the bike lanes go year round.
It’s Christmas in Vancouver,
no need for tire chains.
The heat from our hot yoga
is fueling climate change.


It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas,
it’s a very very Vancouver Christmas.

The mountains and the beaches,
how they make children sing.
And all they want this Christmas
is affordable housing.
The parents working overtime
for presents round the tree.
Something loud with parts that bang;
ain’t nothing come for free.

Usually there’s hockey
to keep our spirits keen.
Where are you Trevor Linden,
where are the twins Sedin?


It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas,
it’s a very very Vancouver Christmas

So Christmas in Vancouver
is admittedly West Coast,
But wait for February
when you call your Aunt Lois.
Maybe she lives in Calgary,
the Peg or Montreal.
She’ll talk of shoveled driveways,
you’ll be cycling the seawall.


It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas,
it’s a very very Vancouver Christmas.

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