Dallas Stars jumbotron hits Winnipeg below the belt


Ouch, Dallas! Why all the Winnipeg hate?

It was a loss for the NHL’s Dallas Stars to the Winnipeg Jets, so home team Dallas took a (slap)shot at their opponent’s city, to maybe try to take them down a peg.

Apparently the Dallas Stars jumbotron has a rep of being bold with its humour (so says Yahoo! Sports Canada’s Puck Daddy), and big D boldly teased Winnipeg for its lack of…well, just about everything.

The list speaks for itself:

Whoever at the Stars makes the jumbotron magic clearly didn’t go to charm school, and, since we’re going to be pointing out shortcomings, they didn’t go to grammar school, either. (It’s “than” not “then” in number six, guys!) Winnipeggers (Winnepegians?) are already doing a great job of speaking up in their own defense, so we’ll let them handle that.

Still. We can’t lie: Number 10 is pretty dead on.

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