Cool map shows how hot Vancouver's land prices are


A map indexing the current value of Vancouver land gives us a good picture of where the deals are, and what spots are too hot to touch.

The Heat Map, which is published on Estate Block’s site, takes data from the Open data Vancouver Catalogue, and colour codes the price per square foot in the city. A Geographic Information System (GIS) was used to determine the size of the parcel polygons.

On the site, you can zoom in, as well as click on the polygons to see the location and price (per square foot) of the parcel.

Don’t lose heart if you’re shopping for real estate in some of the city’s most desirable zones, since the map shows there are pockets and parcels in some of the hottest areas that are more affordable. Just don’t get too excited about all the creek-side white ($0) zones. You can’t buy those parks.

The map maker shared the post on Reddit, and says they are working on more maps using real estate data for Metro Vancouver. Hooray, bring on the maps!

Image: Estate Block

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