Art installation standing in for Gastown Steam Clock


A temporary art piece is being installed to stand in for the iconic Gastown Steam Clock.

“Make it Rain,” was successfully crowdfunded in late November, and with the blessing of local businesses and the City of Vancouver, the “reflective cloud chamber” is currently being installed on the pedestal where the Steam Clock usually stands.

The Steam Clock has vacated its spot for the time being to undergo some much-needed offsite repairs. It’s due back in Gastown mid-January (a bit later than originally expected).

The art installation is the work of Jennifer and Tom Carruthers, founders of the Vancouver design studio called Dream the Combine. The duo used the clock’s steam power to inspire their design of a 27-foot interactive tower. The Gastown Business Improvement Society elaborates on the piece:

‘Make It Rain’ is a reflective tower that harnesses the steam from the vent and releases it through its skin to create a cloud of vapour near the summit. The material is soft and crinkled, taking on the scene around it and shifting as it’s touched. The tower will also sway slightly in the wind, bringing the installation to life as the lights of the street and the faces of visitors dance across its surface.

Installation began Monday, and will take a couple of days to complete. The artists hope to find a permanent home for “Make it Rain” once the 1977 Steam Clock gets back in place at the corner of Water and Cambie.

Image: Make it Rain/Kickstarter

Featured image by Jill Slattery/Vancity Buzz

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