Viral grizzly bear photographer photo also caught on film (VIDEO)

Jim Lawrence Grizzly Bear

Earlier this month, wildlife photographer Jim Lawrence caught an unbelievable sight when a grizzly bear stood on its hind legs to take a peek through his camera lens. The scene, photographed by Lawrence, quickly went viral. Now a video of the famous grizzly bear photographer is on Youtube.

The video, shot by videographer Diane Ethier, who was with Lawrence at the time, shows the bear approach the pair hesitantly, sniff around the camera tripod, then stand up to investigate the camera itself.

The grizzly lifts a paw toward the camera and pulls it down, the movement startling the bear and sending it off back toward the bushes.

More photos of the photogenic bear, taken from another angle, are shown in the video as well.

Featured Image: Jim Lawrence/Facebook

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