Vancouver among top world cities for university students


Looks like we’ve been studying up on how to succeed: Vancouver is rising the ranks when it comes to global cities and university students.

The 2015 QS Best Student Cities index places Vancouver 12th overall, which shows a respectable leap 12 spaces up the charts from the previous year.

Unfortunately, while we are a world class city with much to offer, Vancouver still ranks behind both Montréal (8th) and Toronto (9th) on this list.

The top world city for students is Paris, France, which is taking the number one slot for the third year running thanks to its affordable tuition, job placement prospects, and high quality of education. Plus, oh yeah: It’s Paris.

When it comes to Vancouver’s merits, not much on this list–which factors in our two leading universities, University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University–should be surprising, since QS highlights the same elements most of the city rankings laud us for. We’ve got outdoor sports galore, the stunning backdrop of the mountains and the beautiful shores, plus our “brilliant nightlife, theatres and music.” (Alas, no hat tip to both campuses’ recent resident animal friends.)

Here’s the top 15 from the QS 2015 Best Student Cities 2015 list:

  1. Paris
  2. Melbourne
  3. London
  4. Sydney
  5. Hong Kong
  6. Boston
  7. Tokyo
  8. Montreal
  9. Toronto
  10. Seoul
  11. Zurich
  12. Vancouver
  13. San Francisco
  14. Munich
  15. Singapore

Featured image: sonson/Flickr

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