Ultra Cheap Asian Boys of Vancouver: a parody (VIDEO)

ultra cheap asian boys promo

It’s well known now that the Ultra Rich Asian Girls of Vancouver are starting their lives and careers with the newest Hermes Birkin bags and Yves Saint Laurent shoes, but it begs the question of what exactly the Asian men doing.

Here’s the flip side: a new video, titled “Ultra Cheap Asian Boys of Vancouver” created by the Life of BRI, parodies Hot B**ch In Charge TV‘s opulent reality web series with a portrayal of Vancouver’s Asian men living frugal lives.

“We were so inspired by the show that we turned on our own cameras to showcase our frugal lifestyles filled with saving money, meals at McDonald’s, arcades, playing pool, and picking up girls with fly girls,” the Life of BRI told Vancity Buzz.


Feature Image: The BC Hizzle

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