Your Tim Hortons coffee could cost more next year

Tim Hortons!

They’re counting beans over at Tim Hortons HQ, and it’s looking like a price increase for coffee could be brewing for 2015.

Thanks to the upcoming coffee bean crops’ escalating cost, Tim Hortons Inc. says they have to take a hard look at their pricing for next year.

Though the chain’s Chief Financial Officer Cynthia Devine didn’t outright say the price of your morning double double would be doubled, or even upped, for that matter, she did tell The Canadian Press Tim Hortons would have to figure out “what actions may be necessary” for their stores in the light of the bean costs.

More money news for the Canadian coffee chain finds Tim Hortons posting a loss in the wake of the big Burger King deal. But overall, Canadians are spending more at Timmys, thanks to the company’s successful upselling of pricier menu items.

Featured image: Joey Rozier/Flickr

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