Grizzly bear gets behind the lens in viral photo

Jim Lawrence Grizzly Bear

Jim Lawrence captured quite the shot last week when a male grizzly bear approached his camera and tripod near a river in Revelstoke, B.C. Lucky to have another camera nearby, Jim snapped this picture of the curious bear peaking through his viewfinder.

With a gaining popularity on social media, Jim is using the photo to advocate against the grizzly bear trophy hunt in B.C., as reported by the Vancouver Sun. The photo, as of noon Monday, has received over 5700 shares on Facebook.

He hopes the viral image will urge the B.C. government to ban the grizzly bear trophy hunt and instead focus on viewing the animals rather than killing them. Hunting grizzlies has been banned in several provinces, including Alberta, but still remains a common practice in B.C.’s spring and fall.


Featured Image: Jim Lawrence/Facebook

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