Canucks Ugly Christmas Sweaters top wish-list


Everyone’s favourite sweater season is upon us, and thanks to special NHL-branded apparel, your ugly Christmas sweater game is on a power play.

There’s no need to wait until your annual Ugly Sweater Christmas Party to whip out your shapeless, colour-clashing, knitted smorgasbord of holiday imagery – you can now don it multiple times a week, that is, if you’re a Canucks fan.

Vancity Sports is now carrying the best-selling sweaters for $69.99, but unfortunately they are already sold out – though there is now a wait list to receive one.

The popular item is selling out three-to-one compared to the traditional Canucks jersey, manager John Czvelka told the Huffington Post B.C., and is the number one selling item in the store.

Vancity Sports is also carrying Christmas sweaters for multiple NFL teams and other NHL teams including Montreal, Calgary, Toronto and more.


Featured Image: Vancity Sports

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