Amazon launches same-day delivery in Vancouver


In what could be an online shopping game-changer, Amazon has announced they’re launching same-day shipping for customers in Vancouver.

The online retailer said Tuesday that they’ve made available “hundreds of thousands” of items for same-day delivery in Vancouver (it’s over a million in Toronto, the other Canadian city to be bestowed with the same-day option).

Orders can be places “as late as noon,” seven days a week, with delivery before 9 p.m. That’s right: You can order up a DVD, shampoo, snacks, and a gaming system Sunday morning, and have it at your door by bedtime, without leaving the house the whole day.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

Per-Order Pricing for Prime Members: Amazon Prime members receive Same-Day Delivery for a flat fee of $6.99 per-order, allowing members to add additional Same-Day Delivery eligible items to their order at no additional shipping cost. Pricing for non-Prime customers is calculated by adding an $11.99 “Per Shipment” cost and a $1.99 “Per Item” cost for most items.

Amazon says this is all part and parcel of making their customers’ lives easier. Thanks to same-day delivery, Vancouver’s Amazon shoppers “can conveniently take care of errands or complete holiday shopping in a day with just a few clicks, receive orders seven days a week and have what they need delivered to their home in a matter of hours,” says Alexandre Gagnon, country manager for

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