Advertisements on NHL jerseys coming soon

canucks nhl jersey advertisement

A few shades of the European hockey leagues will be adopted by the National Hockey League in the near future – and it will likely be a major upset for loyal fans.

NHL chief operating officer John Collins told Sports Business Daily that advertisements on the jerseys that NHL players wear on the ice and fans adorn are “coming and happening.”

At this time, there are no details on when the advertisements will be introduced and if there will be standardized regulations for how prevalent the logos will be on the jerseys. If the logos are too large and striking, the NHL and its franchise teams could face significant public backlash.

Currently, the only non-NHL related corporate logo that appears on the jerseys is the clothing company that fabricates the uniforms: Rebook.

The NHL could be the first of the four major North American leagues (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL) to place advertisements on their jerseys. European hockey, football and rugby league players have worn jerseys with advertisements for quite some time already, and in most cases the corporate logo applications are relatively reasonable.


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