Vancouver Police will up their presence for Halloween night


If you’re out and about in Vancouver tonight, don’t mistake all those people dressed like police officers for costumed revelers, as there’s going to be extra cops out for Halloween.

“Extra officers will be out to deal with the higher volume of 9-1-1 calls seen at Halloween, providing a visible police presence in the Granville Entertainment District and added patrols near schools and parks,” the VPD said in a media release.

They do have a bit of sense of merriment, though:


One major issue for law enforcement has been the faux weaponry that’s part of some costumes, so the VPD cautions that people “use common sense and ensure their costume weapon of choice is readily identifiable as an imitation.”

The VPD will be working with other emergency personnel to promote a safe Halloween night.

Vandalism and mischief have long been a part of the Vancouver Halloween tradition. Another tradition is setting off fireworks (or firecrackers); make sure you’re following your local laws, or run the risk of getting busted and fined.

Here are the official Halloween Safety Tips from the Vancouver Police Department:

  • wear bright costumes or include reflective tape, glow sticks, flashlights or other articles that improve visibility
  • use face paint or make-up instead of a mask
  • younger kids should trick or treat with an adult, older kids should be in a group
  • stay in well-lit areas and only go to houses that have lights on
  • drivers are reminded to be patient and be aware of the children who may be excited, darting around neighbourhoods and not looking for cars

Featured image: Halloween 2009 on Granville (antonf/Flickr)

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