Loblaws CityMarket opening soon in Richmond


A second Loblaws CityMarket will be opening in the Metro Vancouver area, this time at a high-rise condo development in Richmond.

An “Amazing Wall of Cheese,” organic produce, and “premium food choices” will be available to shoppers at this off-shoot of the venerable Loblaw family tree of grocery stores. This location, at 12339 Steveston Highway at The Magnolia at the Gardens follows the North Vancouver Loblaws CityMarket, which opened in 2013.

Upscale is the name of the game for the CityMarket experience. That “Amazing Wall of Cheese” is 10 feet high and loaded with 350 varieties, and over in the Patisserie (that’s fancy talk for bakery) you can buy “Chocolate by the Chunk.” Other offerings include an on-site juice bar, T & T sushi made in store, and President’s Choice products, along with ready-made meals.

Loblaws VP Derrick Pittman calls CityMarket  “a food haven.”

The Richmond Loblaws CityMarket will open Friday, October 31.

Featured image: Organic produce at Loblaws (JasonParis/Flickr)

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