Another day, another SkyTrain switch issue halts commute


The Tuesday morning commute was hampered once again for SkyTrain users thanks to a switch issue near the Joyce station, and riders were definitely not happy.

In what seems to be a recurring problem with TransLink’s SkyTrain service, a “problem train” caused problems for Expo and Millennium Line passengers, starting shortly after 8 a.m.

The estimated 15-minute delay grew to 25 minutes. Service was restored within the hour, however riders encountered delays as the trains went back on line. About an hour later, TransLink issued an alert regarding issues with trains near Metrotown. Although it was quickly resolved, riders experienced a period of delays while TransLink addressed the matter. Not surprisingly, riders turned to social media to vent their frustrations:






Meanwhile, on Reddit, a thread entitled “These massive sky train delays will be the death of me…” is gathering all manner of response. A parody Twitter account, @translinkfail, gave a nod to the agency’s recent endorsement of the “go get a coffee” solution, as suggested by TransLink spokeswoman Cheryl Ziola.


TransLink independent reviewer Gary McNeil recently told Vancity Buzz the agency does not believe that service disruptions are an issue, and they stand by their 95% reliability rate.

Featured image: @Tweegster via Twitter

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