Vancouver named one of the world's friendliest cities

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The people have spoken, and they have deemed Vancouver one of the friendliest cities in the world. Awww. Can we give all the voters a hug?

This most recent ranking comes courtesy the readers of Rough Guides, who voted Vancouver into sixth position.

So which five global spots are more likely to give you a warm smile, helping hand, or shoulder to cry on? Despite the turbulence from their most recent foray into separatist politics, the people of Glasgow, Scotland, are the friendliest in the world, followed by the folks of Dublin, Ireland, our fellow Canadians in Montreal, England’s Liverpudlians, and the residents of Tokyo, Japan.

Being ranked the sixth most friendliest in this list makes up for being left off a list from a few months ago over at Conde Nast.

Here’s the full list of 15 cities as ranked by the Rough Guides readers:

1. Glasgow, Scotland
2. Dublin, Ireland
3. Montreal, Canada
4. Liverpool, England
5. Tokyo, Japan
6. Vancouver, Canada
7. Copenhagen, Denmark
8. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
9. Manchester, England
10. Melbourne, Australia
11. Budapest, Hungary
12. Cape Town, South Africa
13. Vientiane, Laos
14. Wellington, New Zealand
15. Atlanta, Georgia

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