Vancouver designer's ring box will forever change proposals


A Vancouver designer’s innovative paper engagement ring box could seriously improve marriage proposals.

The “Clifton” is the work of Andrew Zo, a professional paper packaging designer. The engagement ring case has a flat design so that the question-popper can skip the bulky box of yore and instead slide the slender folded holder into his–or her–wallet or pocket, undetected.

Andrew Zo/Clifton

When opened, the ring is revealed with what Zo calls a “delightful flower blooming effect.”

Though the concept dates back to 2011 (and was ranked #2 on the Top 100 packaging designs of 2011 by the Dieline), the box was rebranded Clifton in 2014, and has taken off like a rocket, thanks to a Reddit post this week.

In fact, Zo is so inundated with orders he’s frozen sales until October.

Each Clifton ring case is handcrafted by Zo, and retails for around $90.

We reached out to Zo to get more information about his innovative design, but had not heard back from him at publication time.

Featured image: Andrew Zo/Clifton

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