Pot activist mails Christy Clark marijuana to help her end teachers' strike


Marijuana legalization activist Dana Larsen has a unique solution for BC Premier Christy Clark that he thinks will help her bring the ongoing teachers’ strike to an end.

Larsen, who is behind the SensibleBC referendum movement, sent off a package to Clark on Thursday containing a baggie containing a half ounce of Purple Kush marijuana.

“I sent Premier @christyclarkbc cannabis in the mail today. To remind her that legal pot means $200million/year for BC,” the activist tweeted.

While the marijuana is an acknowledged stunt, Larsen hopes to get the message to Clark that legalizing and taxing marijuana could boost revenue in the province–enough to further fund education. (And, hey–Vancouver could totally grow some of the cash crop on a downtown rooftop. Just sayin’.) Of course, there is a little laid-back humour in the gift. “I thought if [Clark] could get together with Peter Fassbender, Jim Iker and their negotiating teams to share a joint, it would help break down some barriers and give the BCTF negotiations a fresh start,” he said in a release. The package was delivered Friday morning:


No word yet if Clark is aware of Larsen’s generous gift.

Featured image: @DanaLarsen/Twitter

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