Of course: The "Penis Satan" statue has his own Facebook page


What else would a popular man-about-town do these days besides establish a social media presence?

Vancouver’s “Penis Satan” statue came…and went…this week faster than you can say, well, devil-statue-with-a-giant-erection, but his spirit lives on via Facebook, where someone has created a page for the guerrilla-style public art piece.

Naturally the goal of the page is to resurrect (or, as they put it, “res-erect”) the large, red statue with the large, red appendage. It’s also home to some witty fan banter, and information about the petition to bring back the statue that was put up earlier this week on a vacant pedestal at Clark and Grandview Highway in the Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood.

While the “Penis Satan” is alike and clicking on Facebook, in reality the City of Vancouver told us they were holding the broken statue in case its owner wants to claim it, otherwise it will soon be sending out Candy Crush invites and sharing LOLcat photos from its new home in the city landfill.

Featured image: Screenshot/Facebook

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