Where to find cheap breakfast in Vancouver


The most important meal of the day (like your mother always told you), can also be your least expensive. Just head to one of these joints where you can definitely eat for under $10, and maybe even under $5. 

Where to Find Cheap Breakfast in Vancouver

By Vancity Buzz

The most important meal of the day can also be your least expensive. Just head to one of these joints where you can definitely eat for under $10, and maybe even under $5.

  • Bon’s Off Broadway

    By Vancity Buzz

    A well-known gem of East Van, this INSANELY cheap joint is packed in the morning (for obvious reasons). Arrive early to get your share of their classic breakfast (shown here) for $2.95.

  • Seigel’s Bagels

    By Vancity Buzz

    If you have to cross Grandville Island in the morning, stop for dollar bagels to go. You’ll just have to get through the Public Market traffic. It’ll be worth it…or hit the Kits location.

  • Joe’s Grill

    By Vancity Buzz

    Classic American-style, all-day breakfast served quick and friendly. You’ll find a consistent stream of West Enders here on weekends, or checkout one of Joe’s other three locations around Vancouver.

  • The Red Umbrella Café

    By Vancity Buzz

    Another West End fav, if you’d prefer a café over the diner experience at Joe’s Grill. The Red Umbrella is the place for a cheap, traditional breakfast. Their Classic is only $6.

  • Risty’s Café

    By Vancity Buzz

    In South Van and can’t decide between sushi and breakfast? Get both at Risty’s Café. You can’t go wrong when everything on the menu (besides the big combos) are under $10.

  • Caffè Artigiano

    By Vancity Buzz

    Come to this café if you’re looking for a ‘fancier,’ cheap breakfast. Great coffee, however, eats are not their focus so the menu is a bit small, but they have many locations to serve you.

  • Nice Café

    By Vancity Buzz

    Eggs, bacon (or ham), corn-beef hash browns, and toast for $5.25? Nice. Sub-in free range eggs for just a dollar!? NICE! It’s all in the name.

  • The Buzz Café & Expresso Bar

    By Vancity Buzz

    Get inspired while eating breakfast and enjoying some fantastic art at this Yaletown café/gallery. It’s easy to miss though, because "Harrison Galleries" is branded around the building’s exterior.

  • Bino’s Family Restaurant

    By Vancity Buzz

    Bino’s has all-day breakfast, but unlike some places on this list, every breakfast item is under $10, including waffles & omlettes. Free refills on the coffee too!

  • Tim Hortons

    By Vancity Buzz

    If mornings are hard and you don’t want to think, Tims is a no-brainer if you’re stuck with no other options.

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