Bubble Soccer: Wacky hybrid sport now in Vancouver (PHOTOS)


Your mom always told you she wished you could run around in a bubble so you wouldn’t get hurt… Well, now you can take up a sport that’s played inside a bubble, and smash into your opponents without a care in the world. Welcome to Bubble Soccer.

We heard from the folks at iBubble Soccer, who are bringing this wacky hybrid sport to Vancouver. “Basically you can describe bubble soccer as a combination of soccer, bumper car, sumo, and rugby all together,” says iBubble Soccer founder Kelvin Wong.

Players don giant bubbles that cover them from their heads to around their knees, and can can tackle, wrestle, and bump into their opponents without fouls.

The sport is gaining popularity in Canada and around the globe. There are leagues and businesses for bubble soccer in Toronto, Denver, San Diego, Hong Kong, and Australia.

iBubble says they did a free trial of their rental service for UBC, and it was a tremendous success, and now they’re hoping to get more Vancouverites into their giant inflatable bubbles and into games.

Check out this video and some photos showing bubble soccer in all its goofy, bubbly glory:




Photos courtesy iBubble Soccer

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