Vancouver named one of the world's most liveable cities

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Just how good is life in Vancouver? Pretty darn good, considering the city is ranked among the top 10 around the globe for liveability.

Finishing top among its Canadian peers Toronto and Calgary, The Economist has calculated their data and placed Vancouver third in their list of the best places to live according to their “liveability index.”

The publication explains how the rankings were determined:

The index crunches 30 factors related to things like safety, healthcare, educational resources, infrastructure and environment in 140 cities. Over the past five years urban life has deteriorated somewhat: liveability has declined in 51 places and improved in 31 places.

Some pretty standard trademarks for a “liveable” urban centre are that they “tend to be mid-sized cities in wealthier countries with a relatively low population density.” Yep, sounds like Vancouver!

Other recent honours for Vancouver include the city being named one of the healthiest in the world, as well as one of the most innovative. Let’s just hope all this global recognition for our fabulousness doesn’t drive the price of rent up even higher.

The Economist’s Top 10 Most Liveable Cities 2014

1. Melbourne, Australia
2. Vienna, Austria
3. Vancouver, Canada
4. Toronto, Canada
5. Calgary, Canada
5. Adelaide, Australia (tie)
7. Sydney, Australia
8. Helsinki, Finland
9. Perth, Australia
10. Auckland, New Zealand

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