Vancouver named one of the healthiest cities in the world

Seawall Vancouver

Finally all our sea wall bike rides, juice bar junkets, weekends on the slopes of Whistler, and yoga has brought us the global recognition this city deserves: Vancouver has been hailed as one of the world’s healthiest places to live by Time Magazine.

The honour was bestowed in a shoutout in their recent “Healthiest Places to Live” supplemental issue. When it comes to healthy lifestyles in cities around the globe, says Time, “it’s hard to beat Vancouver.”

While we may kid about our rep for being active, the fact remains that it’s the “skiing, hiking, and rafting” within easy reach and our sea-to-mountains geography and “mild, moist climate” that keep us on the move outdoors and fit. Factor in locally-sourced seafood, fruits, and veggies in abundance, as well as our good air and water quality, and Vancouver gives us the natural resources for good living. The publication also singles out our healthcare and low-cost higher education as part of the package.

Being on the path to becoming the world’s Greenest City also nets some ink here, and now the folks at the city themselves and other fans of Vancouver are proudly spreading the word about this recent honour:


Image: Marda Mischa Via Flickr

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