Vancouver Aquarium ranked one of the best in the world

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When it comes to aquariums around the world, Vancouver’s ranks as one of the top 10.

Trip Advisor’s global rankings in their Best of 2014 attractions places the Vancouver Aquarium at number eight on a list of 25 such facilities.

The user-generated reviews of the popular attraction for both visitors and locals shines a positive spotlight on the Aquarium in the wake of a period of much headline-making controversy.

With just shy of half the Trip Advisor users giving the Vancouver Aquarium the top “Excellent,” it rating, it’s apparent that no matter what is happening behind the scenes in the politisphere, the non-profit venue still not only entertains but also educates––two key components in several of the Aquarium’s online reviews.

If you want to compare the Vancouver Aquarium with the number one ranked aquarium in the world, you don’t have too terribly far to go from BC. Head south to the Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, California.

In another ongoing competition, USA Today’s list of North America’s top aquariums includes Vancouver as a contender for the best of the best; the public voting period runs through August 18.

Featured image: Vancouver Aquarium

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