Tangoo: Your Pocket Concierge for Vancouver Restaurants & Bars

Tangoo iOS Launch

Tangoo, a local Vancouver startup has just released their free iOS App, a new and simple way to plan a social outing based on your mood.

Tangoo works just like a real concierge by recommending the most suited restaurants and bars for your next date, business meeting, or social outing.

While many restaurant recommendation systems focus on stars or dollar signs, Tangoo focuses on finding venues that fit a mood or desired experience. Tangoo’s purpose is to take the work out of finding the perfect venue by allowing you to choose from a selection of moods, and matching them with the perfect location.

How Tangoo Works

By Tangoo

Tangoo is bringing social experiences to you in the most seamless and personalized way yet. 

  • Our Unique System

    By Tangoo

    Tangoo enables you to personalize your experience through carefully vetted venue selection. Choose the moods that best fit the experience or setting you're looking for.

  • New Seamless Interface

    By Tangoo

    Scroll through the beautiful interface that shows the vibrancy of the space alongside any and all information you will need.

  • Rating System

    By Tangoo

    Leave upvotes for moods that best fit, and see ratings from others' past experiences. Use this system to ensure your experience aligns with your mood.

  • Tangoo: Your Pocket Concierge

    By Tangoo

    Access visual and informative restaurants via web and mobile devices. Tangoo is there no matter where you go.

Whether you are trying to impress a client, planning a romantic first date spot, or enjoying a beer with friends on a patio, Tangoo makes planning you social outing a fun and exciting experience. This is the secret behind Tangoo’s unique approach.

Dining establishments participating on the new platform include the likes of independents such as Vij’s, Chill Winston, Pidgin, Revel Room, and top restaurant groups such as Heather Hospitality Group, The Glowbal Group, and Thai House Group.

Originally known for hosting social dining events, Tangoo’s Core Idea of bringing people together through real world social experiences has evolved into a digital platform. This pivot within the company occurred exactly one year ago today when they became a top 5 Vancouver startup to look out for by winning Launch Academy’s Demo Day.

“We’re really just getting started with our new vision at Tangoo. We are blessed to have a rockstar team and thanks to the great reception we’ve gotten with our beta testers, the product is moving at hyper-speeds with some big-time features in the pipeline,” said CEO, Paul Davidescu.

 Download Tangoo’s Free iOS App Now

You can also look out for Tangoo to pitch the new platform on CBC’s Dragons’ Den on this upcoming season.

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