"Pavement Buckle" on Highway 99 northbound ahead of Oak Street Bridge


There are reports of a “pavement buckle” located on the northbound Highway 99 in Richmond, ahead of the Oak Street Bridge.

News 1130 says a listener called in with details about what he saw while in a vehicle on the roadway: “It starts at about eight to 10 inches low on the grass side and comes up to grade, but it’s about five feet wide by about three feet long.”

The Ministry of Transportation’s Drive BC division reports they are working on a “pothole repair” on Highway 99 northbound after the Bridgeport exit.


“There are suggestions a waterline underneath highway near the Cambie Road overpass may be to blame,” adds News 1130.

Drivers and those using public transit in the area can expect significant delays.


UPDATE: What was previously referred to as a “sinkhole” is now being called a “pavement buckle,” notes News 1130.


UPDATE: BC’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure said Tuesday in a release that the incident was a “culvert collapse.” Traffic has been reduced to a single lane and “engineers are on site conducting an assessment.”

The pavement buckle is a result of the culvert collapse, however at this time a cause for the collapse is not yet known.

RCMP traffic services are urging motorists to find an alternate route.

Featured image: Screenshot of Drive BC webcam at the 99 NB south of the Oak St. Bridge

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