Naked Sushi is now in Vancouver (PHOTOS)


For those who love a little extra something with their sushi meal, Naked Sushi is now serving up the goods in Vancouver.

The Japanese practice of “nyotamori” (or “body sushi”) has grown from obscurity to mainstream in recent years. Models–typically female–are trained to lie still for hours while their nude bodies serve as platters for a sushi and sashimi feast. (Ladies, you’ll probably remember Samantha in the “Sex and the City” movie trying to cover herself in sushi to get her boyfriend’s attention. Guys, scroll down for the pictures.)

Casting in Vancouver over the past several months, Naked Sushi launched service here in July. The Toronto-born business describes themselves as “a group of hospitality professionals” with an executive chef and staff who want to “bring a new vision to the idea of a centerpiece.”

There are, of course, rules of conduct for those enjoying a Naked Sushi meal. Your chopsticks are the only things allowed to pick up the sushi, and diners are asked to refrain from touching the model, speaking to the model, or making lewd gestures. Still, the business suggests booking their services for a bachelor party, or any other appropriate gathering. Just behave!

Naked Sushi Inc/Facebook

Naked Sushi Inc/Facebook

Featured image: Naked Sushi Inc/Facebook

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