Main Street Massacre game creator is frustrated construction worker


The man behind a violent new online game set at Vancouver’s Main Street SkyTrain Station has come forward to defend his creation, calling it an intentionally provocative piece of art.

Calling himself “Alexi Wildman” in the credits for Main Street Massacre, the guy who put up a rudimentary keyboard-command game where players get to be a frustrated construction worker leading a bloody murder spree through the transit station has turned out to be a real-life frustrated construction worker named Colin Palmer, according to CTV News.

Transit Police launched a probe into the game Wednesday, though already the game was making headlines for its brutal violence. Pundits speculated it was likely someone using the medium of online games to make a statement about Vancouver transit.

Palmer spoke with local media Wednesday to affirm his intentions. In an interview with CBC Vancouver, Palmer said of the game: “It’s a work of art. It’s a political statement. It’s provocative, it was designed to be.”

And, yes, he’s pissed off about SkyTrain delays.

In rebuttal to fears his game will incite violence, Palmer told CTV News: “It’s a completely invalid argument to say that one video game, done in sort of cartoony violence, is going to be the sole cause of something like that.”

Main Street Massacre opening sequence (Screenshot)

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