The Handshake Etiquette Guide


Dear Vancouverites, it is time to address the incongruent handshake. That awkward reoccurring instance when you greet a friend for a handshake, only to find yourself awkwardly cuffing their attempted “pound.” Or that moment when you both try and adjust and you end up playing an unintentional game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. There has to be a way to mitigate this problem, and Tangoo is taking the first step with our Handshake Etiquette Guide.

Below is an official guide to avoiding this simple and embarrassing miscommunication. When to handshake or pound it. On a professional basis, we would recommend to always shake hands. Throwing out a ‘pound it’ to your boss or future client is probably a bad idea.

The aftermath leaves us questioning, “Why did that happen?” or “When did we start pounding it?” Over-thinking is neurotic. When you have accomplished something really cool and a handshake will simply wreck the mood. What’s Your Etiquette? We understand that there are many different ways to greet and say goodbye to your friends across the many wonderful and diverse backgrounds in Vancouver: so what’s your etiquette?

The Handshake Etiquette Guide. Brought to you by Tangoo and Vancity Buzz.The Handshake Etiquette Guide brought to you by Tangoo


An info-graphic to save us all from complete and utter handshake hell. Brought to you by Tangoo and Vancity Buzz

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