Cyclist allegedly attacked by pedestrian in downtown Vancouver (VIDEO)

cyclist attack downtown vancouver

A video of another violent confrontation with cyclists in downtown Vancouver was published earlier this week. However, the incident did not involve a motorist but rather a pedestrian.

The cyclist has not revealed his identity but he told Vancity Buzz that the incident occurred on Thursday at 4 p.m. at the corner of Jervis and Hastings Streets in Coal Harbour.

He said a male pedestrian between the ages of 40 and 55 approached him and asked if he was going to ride his bike on the sidewalk.

When he gave an affirmative answer, the pedestrian allegedly behaved aggressively, and shouted at him within inches of his face.

“I told him to back off and he started walking west. I had my GoPro camera on me so I decided to follow him to get a few head shots of him,” said the cyclist. “At some point he asked me if I was going to share that video with my friends, gave me the finger really close to me almost in a way he was going to hit me.”

He conceded that by following him, he might have been asking for trouble. After another verbal confrontation, the pedestrian allegedly assaulted him.

“He tried to punch me but I was fast enough that he missed me. I kind of ran backwards as you can see in the video and I hit the curb because I didn’t see it,” he said.

He went over the curb twice, and fortunately there were no vehicles driving by when he hit the asphalt. The pedestrian then approached him again and allegedly stomped on the bike several times and assaulted him one more time.

The pedestrian then took off from the scene and officers from the Vancouver Police Department arrived shortly and a patrol vehicle was sent to find the man. A parking officer and several other individuals witnessed the incident.

The cyclist acknowledged that he knew it was illegal to be cycling on a sidewalk designated for pedestrians, but he added that the roads are dangerous and motorists often behave aggressively to cyclists for riding slow.

“I get yelled or honked at all the time when I go biking, my girlfriend refuses to ride in the street because it’s dangerous,” he said. “So when we go biking we try ot go later in the evening so we don’t bother as many people on the sidewalk. When I go on a pleasure ride, like one would do with his kids if he lived in the suburbs, where you are going between 5 and 10 km/h, I ride the sidewalk because otherwise every single driver will honk at me.”

This comes after another incident two weeks ago when a cyclist on the Stanley Park seawall veered onto a pedestrian path. He collided into a female pedestrian, knocking her off the seawall and onto the rocks 10 feet below. She suffers from broken back injuries and it is estimated that it will take her 3 months to walk again.

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  • Panopticon

    All of downtown are bike lanes. Why don’t you stick to them instead of making up your own rules

  • Trevor

    Holy. I’m sorry man. That has to be one of the worst replies I have read on the subject. Seriously you are comparing a kid on a bike to an adult on a road bike? LOL! Anyway..thanks for the laugh. I do enjoy going back and forth. All good convo. I Just find some of the replies to be comical is all. Enjoy your weekend. :)

  • Dave

    If that’s the case why don’t the bikes put some hockey cards in their spokes

  • Trevor

    I really don’t want to know what Ass-ult is. I’m not sure if it is legal or not but it doesn’t sound like something I would want to do. To each their own I guess.

  • N

    When walking on a sideWALK, it’s not in my frame of reference to consider cyclists nor do you ever hear them when they are coming from behind you. A cyclist just about killed both myself and my dog as we crossed over the sidewalk to enter my condo building. And guess who got mad at who? Apparently, and according to Mr. Cyclist, it was my fault. Once again, sideWALK people.

  • Dad

    Trevor doesn’t ride a bike. He never got past training wheels. All logic, no experience. Tsk Tsk.

  • Lance Forearmstrong

    So true. The people who complain the most are drivers. Get off your fat asses and try it some time instead of complaining about it from your car or couch or computer desk. I don’t take advice from people who don’t participate. Try being thankful that there are people in the world who are into fitness and transportation that doesn’t produce pollution. If everyone cycled more and bitched less, the world would be a better place.

  • Dwayne Rhoades

    Ask the bike couriers downtown that lmaorofl bye the way cyclist dont have to only use the bike lanes if you take the bicycle messenger test in vancouver you would find this out as a messenger u dont get youre plate to ride proffesionally until you pass this test which is basically a review of all cycling laws and yes in all situations riding on the sidewalk is more dangerous and thats whybits against the law as for young children on sidewalks riding they shouldnt be riding far from the rd near there home until you are sure they know the dangers or maybe have taken a school cycling safety course like I did when I was young lol

  • Jesse Carroll

    The cyclist should have taken his panties off and threw them at the guy.

  • Dee

    Well, who wouldn’t be mad if they were being recorded..?

  • disqus_DkrVTnNwA6

    if you aren’t skilled enough to bike on the road, just walk
    strollers don’t move fast
    roller skaters don’t weigh much more and only move slightly faster than a runner
    neither has the momentum of a bicycle

  • disqus_DkrVTnNwA6

    i have no problems riding on the road
    maybe it’s because i signal (by hand, eye contact, and verbal communication), wear a helmet, have a bike light, and have functional brakes

  • disqus_DkrVTnNwA6

    i don’t recall the last time i saw a fellow cyclist come to the full stop that a stop sign requires
    if they hit the sidewalks they should be walking their bike

  • disqus_DkrVTnNwA6

    for the right turn cars at cambie and marine dr, you should let them finish the turn they’ve committed to or pass on the left if there is time and space

  • disqus_DkrVTnNwA6

    yukon st, ontario st, and windsor st
    so why do you have to ride along side cars on cambie st, main st, or fraser st?

  • disqus_DkrVTnNwA6

    10th is a cycling road too

  • 4irplan3

    Drivers complain because every driver has encountered at least one asshole they came within 0.5″ of killing because being on a bike makes one too cool for red lights, stop signs and laws of physics (you know, that car going 50 km/hr? can totally stop in 0.5 seconds when I decide to make a left from a right lane in front of a car). I don’t think drivers want to feel responsible for someone’s suicide.

    If everyone cycled more, there’d be even more problems because bikers aren’t licensed, so for every guy who knows what he’s doing and obeys traffic laws, there’s a douche in spandex who thinks he has the right of way 100% of the time.

  • devi

    Thank you, I did not know that. Though it is very narrow in West Point Grey and the cyclist would be safer on 8th Ave :)

  • Seriously?

    And nearly every cyclist I know has nearly been killed by an idiot in a car turning left into them or not shoulder checking or opening a door without looking in a parking/bike lane. I have friends who’ve had their backs broken, their pelvises shattered, their knees permanently damaged in situations where they were riding legally and defensively. Seriously, anyone who thinks drivers in Vancouver are blameless has some serious issues with reality. I’m at turns a pedestrian, a driver and a cyclist, and my sympathies lie with the cyclists. How many drivers do you know who’ve been seriously injured by a “douche in spandex”? The stakes are a little different.

  • sostupidihadtocomment

    The answer would be no, I won’t let my child ride their bike on the road because its dangerous genius and no I won’t let them ride on the sidewalk either because its against the law. If they want to ride a bike, its going to be in a safe environment where they can ride it legally. That wasn’t so hard to understand was it.

  • sostupidihadtocomment

    Where in his comments does it say assault is legal? Or if your really just stupid and asking a question, no, assault not legal.

  • Tony

    I’m a cyclist, and it appalls me to see the degree of entitlement this two-wheeled nimrod has. He provoked the other guy. Don’t be stupid when you’re already in the wrong. The pedestrian was provoked, and he’s the guy that gets his face plastered all over the media, while the cyclist keeps his anonymity. Use the bicycle paths, that’s what they’re there for! I’ve never been honked at.

  • rockyfisher

    At one point the law was segregation. At one point the law denied women the right to vote. At those times, people knew that was oppression and they changed the laws. This is one of those times when the law is wrong. The law is in the favour of cars, not keeping cyclists safe. It is not safe or fun to ride a bike with traffic with no separation. It is scary and drivers are mean. Cyclists on the sidewalk annoy me too sometimes but I see why they are there. They should be respectful but we should build them safe lanes that are separated. It sucks to drive next to the cyclists anyway.

  • rockyfisher

    There are not enough bike lanes that are separated and safe that is the issue.

  • rockyfisher

    I hate cars that run the red and do that. It is not the pedestrians fault for going on their light, it is the drivers bad behaviour for running the red/late yellow and choosing to enter the intersection when there is busy traffic and they may get stuck blocking the crosswalk. That can’t be legal.

  • rockyfisher

    If it is not okay to endanger others then why the threat of the stick in the spokes?? Hey we all hate inconsiderate sidewalk riding but let’s practice what we preach eh?

    Your own words: “It is not alright to endanger others to ensure your own safety. It’s called being responsible…”

  • rockyfisher

    You should not be “ringing the pedestrians” while on the sidewalk. When you are on the sidewalk on a bike you are not supposed to be there and should AT LEAST yield and go slow, or stop when pedestrians don’t move. They have the right away. Cars are scary yes so sometimes the sidewalk is actually safer I get it, but you must slow down to walking speed and yield for the pedestrians which means not dinging. That is rude I think, to ding.

  • rockyfisher

    I don’t think it is fair cyclists have to avoid streets that drivers and pedestrians can use safely. It is inequitable. Cyclists pay taxes too, through property tax, which we all pay even if we rent.

  • rockyfisher

    cars cause air pollution. The more cars, the more pollution. It is not really hard to understand. We need less people driving, not more. More transit not the head in the sand mentality. Cars cause traffic. The whole car system creates traffic when people use it en masse. Cars = traffic. We should have more transit options in the lower mainland so we don’t have to drive as much and create traffic.

    It is not cyclists causing daily congestion on the Port Mann bridge I will tell you that.

  • rockyfisher

    cambie st. has a bike lane. Main has “sharrows” where cars and bikes are supposed to “share”. Fraser I don’t know but arterials are often faster so maybe that is why.

  • rockyfisher

    7th and 10th are both designated bike routes.

  • rockyfisher

    In history, most municipalities have repealed any cyclist licensing schemes as they often cost much more in administrative costs than the fees brought in. Further, most cities these days want to encourage biking so would not put an impediment in the way of a healthy, less costly transportation. Car infrastructure costs us much more per capita so more people biking actually costs us all less in taxes.

  • rockyfisher

    best comment here.

  • therealphil8

    totally agree with you on this one! i am not against cyclist, HOWEVER, 99% of the cyclists that i encountered think the ROAD is ruled by THEM…..whenever they are ON THE ROAD, all vehicles should avoid THEM even when they are NOT riding in the designated bike lane….

  • captain irrelevant

    You say that as if drivers don’t make up their own rules on the road.

  • captain irrelevant

    How is it rude? If I’m a fast walker or a jogger I expect the group walkers to stick to the right and let me pass. Most of the time I slow down if they dont let me pass, then I’ll try to pass only when we get to an intersection

  • captain irrelevant

    Actually it is, there are many cases when it’s not the cars fault. Some idiot starts walking on a car left turn signal and the cars get stuck in the middle of the road. When you’re a driver, you shouldn’t have to expect pedestrians when you have the left turn signal.

    I know what you mean, there are a bunch of drivers that can’t make the judgement of leaving an open gap at the intersection, they really annoy me. But sometimes you get those pedestrians crossing when they shouldn’t and a whole slew of crossers follow along, that one car that emergency braked to prevent hitting the first walker is now stuck in the middle of the road.

    Sometimes idiot cyclists ignoring the red causes this, too.

  • captain irrelevant

    So the rule about letting pedestrians and cyclists cross first doesn’t apply, yet everyone here says the cyclists have to follow the rules like cyclists are the lowest of the lows on the street. I’ve been almost hit many times as both a pedestrian and cyclist because right turn cars do not wait for us to cross first. Then once that one car decides to gun it, all the ones behind just follows along and the crosswalkers can’t cross.

  • captain irrelevant

    Many cyclists do. I always do. You see what you want to see and you clearly have something against cyclists.

    Also, many cars do not come to a full stop at a stop sign or a 4 way unless there really are a lot of traffic. Most cars also don’t follow the speed limit. Many drivers do not turn into the proper lane when they make a left or a right turn. The list goes on.

  • Bunch of mindless drones

    Laws don’t always make sense. There are some pretty messed up laws around the world, but it doesn’t make them logically correct. The road is more or less split between licensed and unlicensed. The asphalt is where licensed fast vehicles travel, you need a certain level of skills in order to operate a vehicle so you don’t endanger the lives of other people. Sidewalks are for anyone travelling slow and a mode of transportation that doesn’t require a license – wheelchairs, old/fat people scooters, walking, roller blades, etc. Cycling, however, can go fast or slow. They create the bike lanes so that cyclists can get around faster without getting stuck behind pedestrians. A cyclist injuring pedestrians on sidewalk? You can just as easily do that on a skateboard or on a roller blade that’s going down hill. What about wheelchairs? Why don’t you ban those from the sidewalks, too? Joggers can be sprinting on the sidewalk and it can just as easily break someones rib colliding with someone on the sidewalk, too. Let’s ban joggers, too. Why do you think sidewalks are shared with cyclists when you cross a bridge if it doesn’t make sense for cyclists to be on the sidewalk?

    You people believing that an unlicensed cycling transportation should be put into a road where other users are in full steel protected frames and they have a much higher survival rate if they hit you are just blindly following laws and not thinking. As a cyclist on the sidewwalk, there’s a very good chance you’ll get more injuries than the pedestrian you hit.

    I believe cyclists should have the right be on sidewalks but you just have to go slow. And, no, not slow to the pace of walking because then why should joggers be faster than cyclists? You want to be safe on the sidewalks? Let’s just ban wheelchairs, skateboards, roller blades, kids on bicycles, anything with wheels that can reach a speed of 20 km/hr. Think, people. If I see your kids biking on the sidewalk, I will force them to ride on the bike lane, is that what you want?

  • Circaenterprise

    You know, semi/dump trucks are only allowed to travel on certain roads. There’s a reason for that. Just like there is a reason it would be safer for cyclist to travel on those designated routes.

  • captain irrelevant

    Sure, have fun restricting your kids so they can’t go to the park or the playground unless you drive them.

  • common sense

    “When was the last time a cyclist was ticketed and had to pay for it?” Without insurance there is no incentive to pay. If one claims they do not have ID, they cannot be searched. You are correct, but again you fail to read the details. The radar was used to issue warnings.

  • disqus_DkrVTnNwA6

    if the space is already blocked, why cut in?
    if you’re there even in the blind spot, the driver should be yielding, but is there a reason to challenge them for space they’re already occupying?
    that’s why i always make eye contact with the driver and communicate intent

  • captain irrelevant

    Of course not, if they’ve blocked me, how do I get across? Why do you think I said that often cars behind an unyielding right turn car will follow and I’m left stuck there as much as the pedestrians waiting to cross.

  • Jeff Porter

    True, but we get bike paths built like the new one on Union which was really needed. Also, it’s not like cyclists aren’t pedestrians as well, so we get to use sidewalks. If you want to use a sidewalk so bad, get off your bike and walk it.