Car drives in Burrard Street bike lane, nearly collides into cyclist (VIDEO)

vancouver bike lane driving

Bike lanes are meant for bikes, right? Another accident between a vehicle and a cyclist nearly occurred in downtown Vancouver on Friday, August 1.

A video posted yesterday on YouTube shows a driver of a white Toyota car driving southbound on the Burrard Street bike lane just south of Davie Street.

The driver turns out of the separated bike lane at Harwood Street and then attempts to make a right turn in the next alleyway before Pacific Street. At the same time, a cyclist is crossing the intersection and swerves away from the vehicle to avoid being hit.

The video went viral after it was shared on Reddit with many commentators debating over the issue of road safety and the use of bike lane barriers.

The Vancouver Police tweeted that its Traffic Enforcement Unit would be “following up” on the incident.

Featured Image: YouTube screencap

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