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B.C. Microbrewery Sales Increase While Major Brewery Sales Decline

By Simran Singh | 12:50 pm PST, Fri August 1, 2014 | Speak Up

Microbreweries in B.C. are becoming increasingly popular and as a result are seeing a growth in sales.

As of June 30,  microbrewers’ sales in B.C. have increased by 43.4 per cent, which puts it at the top of the overall beer and alcohol category.

On the other hand, major breweries have seen a steady fall in sales over the past three years, according to British Columbia Liqour Distribution Branch (BCLDB). Major brewers produce 16 million liters of beer annually, but this year’s sales decreased by 2.2 per cent.

Small domestic breweries produce a reported 1.5 million liters of beer per year. This years’ sales totaled $67.4 million and were significantly higher than last year’s $47 million in sales.

In 2013, there were nine new microbreweries that opened across the province. This coming year, twenty-two new breweries have planned to produce craft beer to quench the thirst of beer lovers in B.C.

Vancouver is slowly becoming a hub for craft beer, as the popularity of the brew is allowing the city to gain a reputation that is comparable to Seattle and Portland.

Microbreweries are not just concentrated solely in Vancouver. New breweries have been opening in smaller towns such as Terrace, Penticton, Quensnel and Salt Spring Island, highlighting that more beer drinkers in the province are enjoying locally brewed hops.

Feature Image: Craftbeer via Shutterstock 

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  • Jason

    Well of course…Miller, Coors, Bud can’t wait until they go bankrupt…Flavor your morons brew beer with flavor…

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