Aeriosa Vertical Dancers to Perform at UBC's Greenheart Canopy Walkway


The vertical dance group Aeriosa returns to Vancouver to perform amidst the treetops of UBC’s Greenheart Canopy Walkway from August 20 to 23.

The canopy walkway is suspended 20m above the forest floor between 100-year old Douglas, red cedar and grand firs. With special rigging set up in the trees, the dancers will be performing a combination of vertical dance, rock climbing and storytelling to “negotiate movement in a duet with another species”.

The Aeriosa dancers have performed in many locations within Canada as well as internationally, and they are known for their sense of surprise and awe-inspiring moments throughout their shows. Check out their YouTube channel to view previous performances, or watch the playlist below to get a sense of what their events are usually like.

Experience an entirely unique show in the high viewing platforms with the family, or take in the adults-only show with an accompaniment of wine and cheese.

Aeriosa Vertical Dancers at UBC’s Greenheart Canopy Walkway

When: August 20-23

Where: UBC Greenheart Canopy Walkway

Price: $15 for children, $25 for adults, $35 for adults-only show. Tickets can be purchased here.

Featured image: Aeriosa

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