Planes with pyrotechnics, not UFOs, seen over English Bay (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

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Is that a plane catching on fire? Some who watched the fiery spectacle from English Bay even speculated that it might be an UFO or disintegrating satellite.

But there is no need to call the authorities as that was the Alberta-based Team Rocket air show team showing off a sample of the pyrotechnics that will be displayed at next month’s Abbotsford International Airshow’s very first Twilight Show.

According to the event’s website, it is part of an expanded itinerary for the annual airshow, which includes enhanced performer routines, with many including pyrotechnics, flares, smoke and flashing lights on their aircraft.

The CF=18 Hornet and the Jet-Powered Bus will be lighting up the airport’s runway with jet afterburners. Fireworks in the evening will also conclude the event.

The Abbotsford International Airshow at Abbotsford International Airport takes place from August 8 to 10. Team Rocket is scheduled to perform during the first night.


Featured Image: @jane_lee117 via Instagram

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