10 Places to Get A Milkshake in Vancouver


Milkshakes are a tricky topic to explore—everyone loves them and everyone has their all-time favourite spot. That makes this list difficult to craft as the stakes are high (especially if you’re lactose intolerant) and the best places are highly disputed.

10 Places To Get A Milkshake In Vancouver

By Vancity Buzz

Milkshakes are a tricky topic—everyone loves them & everyone has their favourite. That makes this list difficult to make as the stakes are high & the best places are highly disputed. What's your fav?

  • Glenburn Soda Fountain & Confectionery

    By Vancity Buzz

    Milkshakes and candy? Now that's a match made in heaven. Head to this North Burnaby spot for a shake and a serving of 50's charm.

  • Moderne Burger

    By Vancity Buzz

    Thick, creamy milkshakes served up in a metal cup—classic! Try it with one of their delicious burgers.

  • Cannibal Cafe

    By Vancity Buzz

    Located on Commercial Drive, Cannibal Cafe has got the burger-milkshake combo down pat. If you love milkshakes, you have to check them out.

  • Fat Burger

    By Vancity Buzz

    Don't count them out because they are a fast food joint, Fat Burger makes some serious milkshakes! Try the Red Velvet Cake milkshake. Mmm.

  • Roundel Cafe

    By Vancity Buzz

    This local spot in Hastings Sunrise serves up a mean shake. They always have a great variety of flavours too.

  • Morrison's Cafe

    By Vancity Buzz

    People will travel for a delicious milkshake and that's exactly what Morrison's Cafe in South Surrey makes. Try a milkshake at brunch or catch them before 3pm on weekdays.

  • White Spot

    By Vancity Buzz

    An instant classic, White Spot's hand-scooped milkshakes (which always come with more in an extra cup) are pretty hard to beat. They've got this milkshake thing figured out.

  • Burger Heaven

    By Vancity Buzz

    Near the New West Skytrain Station, this little spot is a local favourite. Try one of their creamy milkshakes with a side of potato wedges.

  • Bobby Sox 50's Diner

    By Vancity Buzz

    Real ice cream shakes at their finest! With a variety of flavours you'll find one you can indulge in.

  • What's Shaken

    By Vancity Buzz

    Having only been open for a year, What's Shaken is extremely popular. They specialize in shakes, smoothies & ice cream.

1. Glenburn Soda Fountain & Confectionery: 4090 Hastings St, Burnaby
2. Moderne Burger: 2507 W Broadway, Vancouver
3. Cannibal Cafe: 1818 Commercial Dr, Vancouver
4. Fat Burger: Various locations
5. Roundel Cafe: 2465 E Hastings St, Vancouver
6. Morrison’s Cafe: 12855 16th Ave, Surrey
7. White Spot: Various locations
8. Burger Heaven: 77 10th St, New Westminster
9. Bobby Sox 50’s Diner: 22596 Lougheed Hwy, Maple Ridge
10. What’s Shaken: 586 Davie St, Vancouver

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