North Korea 'media' tells citizens it will play against Portugal in World Cup Final (VIDEO)

north korea 2014 fifa world cup final

A video of North Korea’s state-controlled media telling the hermit nation’s citizens that its national team will play in the FIFA World Cup has gone viral.

According to the YouTube video, North Korea will play Portugal in the championship final. It won all of its matches in the group stages, defeating Japan 7-0, United States 4-0 and China 2-0.

In reality, of course, North Korea did not qualify for the 2014 tournament and tomorrow’s real contenders during the World Cup Final are Argentina and Germany.

The video seemingly adds on to North Korea’s long history of hyperbolic propaganda that is either based on half-truths or complete lies.

This video convincingly seems like something the well-oiled propaganda media machine would produce, however, internet commentators on Reddit believe it could be a high-quality parody.

Nevertheless, it is still highly entertaining.


Featured Image: YouTube screenshot

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