Vancouverite explores Colorado's marijuana scene

Colorado Marijuana

Marijuana is the topic du jour and with both Colorado and Washington State recently legalizing it, the topic has started to become a Canadian policy idea.

Canada sits upon a precipice where legalization will be one of the biggest issues in the upcoming federal election of 2015. The Liberals want to legalize it, tax it and bring it out from the shadows of prohibition. The Conservatives want to do what they do best, spend billions of dollars in fighting it.


Jessica Gares (@JessicaGares980) of CKNW had the chance to go down to Denver to research and experience Colorado’s new legal marijuana scene. From talking to local budtenders to joining the Colorado High Life Tour, Jessica immersed herself into the thick smoke of the mile high.

Enjoy this audio documentary called A Mile High in Denver.

Major thanks to Jessica Gares and CKNW.

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