10 Kinds of People You'll Find on the Grouse Grind

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The Grouse Grind is a 2.9 kilometre hike up 853 metres of the face of Grouse Mountain. This means there’s at least 853 metres of interesting characters. Here are 10 people you’ll likely see while battling (and hopefully triumphing over) this Vancouver rite of passage.

Scroll through the list below to see if you’ve met any of these Grinders.

10 Kinds of People You’ll Find On The Grouse Grind

By Vancity Buzz

The Grouse Grind is a 2.9 kilometer hike up 853 metres of the face of Grouse Mountain. This means 853 metres of interesting characters. Here are 10 people you’ll likely see while battling this hike.

  • The Sweaty Slider

    By Vancity Buzz

    The path can get narrow and not everyone understands where they should & shouldn’t stop. The sweaty slider doesn’t leave much room for you to get by and can result in a slow motion smear. Yuck!

  • The Unprepared Tourists

    By Vancity Buzz

    While unprepared, some of these tourists are determined! Although most who are wearing heels don’t often make it past the first quarter mark, you will see people on the way up wearing jeans or slacks.

  • The Double Laners

    By Vancity Buzz

    It’s easy to get stuck behind these 2 chatty people who are moving slow. Spend 10 minutes of your time trying to sneak around them. Today won’t be a record day for you bro.

  • The Over-Prepared Tourist

    By Vancity Buzz

    From compasses to camelbacks these guys have it all! You can spot them in their safari hats & hiking poles. Hey, I guess the Scouts have always said "Be Prepared".

  • The Quarter Mark Regretters

    By Vancity Buzz

    Unfortunately these guys were a little too "Gung Ho!" at the beginning & aren’t ready for the rest of the climb. "Are you serious?" is a common phrase heard at this treacherous spot.

  • The Downward Dodgers

    By Vancity Buzz

    Whether it’s because they’ve given up (better luck next time) or they just want to showcase their rebellious side, some hikers seem to ignore the fact that taking the gondola down is a requirement.

  • The Competitors

    By Vancity Buzz

    These hikers are serious! While it may take the average person over an hour to make it up to the top, these people hustle often leaving a trail of other hikers in their not-so-proverbial dust.

  • The Over-Prepared Athlete

    By Vancity Buzz

    Head to toe, there is nothing hiking related they don’t have. While some do it for the time like the competitors, other just want to look the part—nice waterproof hikers…it’s 25 degrees out.

  • The Loud Breather

    By Vancity Buzz

    You can hear these people the whole climb up, they’re everywhere. If you happen to be this person, don’t worry, its natural…it just sounds like you’re trying to be apart of the mountain wildlife.

  • The Mountain Top Celebrators

    By Vancity Buzz

    The Grouse Grind is no easy feat, so take the time enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when you reach the top. We recommend Michael Phelps-style levels of excitement.

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