Super sustainable unique $2.2 million house for sale in Mount Pleasant (PHOTOS)


It’s the ultimate Vancouver success story: an abandoned and dilapidated home site is turned into a $2.2 million eco-conscious family house with a bevy of eye-catching architectural and design elements.

Image: Ema Peter

The home, situated at 135 E 17th Avenue in Mount Pleasant, was a special project for Martin Warren, the owner of Vanglo Sustainable Construction Group. Details of the tear down, design, and build of the 2,230-square-foot home are shared on the Vanglo site, allowing A&D wonks, the construction-curious, and prospective buyers an in-depth look into what it took to transform what was once a run-down residence on the 66-by-44-foot lot into a three-bedroom family home with garage and one-bedroom garden suite. It also happens to be one of only three Energy Star certified homes in Vancouver.

Image: Ema Peter

Image: Ema Peter

Warren tells the Vancouver Courier the modern home is emblematic of what he calls “conscientious design.”

Image: Ema Peter

Image: Ema Peter

Image: Ema Peter

The home features triple glazed windows, employs “low-maintenance” materials (as in a metal roof and siding that only needs power washing every two to five years), extra insulation, and a fully open design plan aimed at being adaptable to the needs of future generations of occupants.

Almost all of the waste material from the previous structure on the property went to a facility that converts the wood into bioethanol.

All this can be yours, though such high-end sustainability comes with a hefty price: $2,228,000.

Image: Ema Peter

Image: Ema Peter

Featured Image: Ema Peter Photography/Vanglo

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