City Credits OneCard Access Pass For Increased Recreation Facility Usage

OneCard Vancouver

OneCard, the city’s universal recreation access pass, is about to reach its one-year anniversary, and officials are championing its success and widespread usage.

In a recently issued release, the City of Vancouver touts the card’s popularity, citing a remarkable 115,000 cards issued as of April 30, 2014 since its launch last summer. 40,000 of those cards were issued in the weeks immediately following the pass’ debut, indicating more moderate growth during the colder months.

Additionally, a study commissioned by the Park Board aimed at pinpointing just what kind of user is signing up and how the card affects usage patterns, found that in 2013, rec facility usage was up 25 percent. Other data culled by the study includes:

Ninety-five per cent of OneCard users are Vancouver residents, 74 per cent are adults, seven per cent travel outside their catchment area, and OneCards are used primarily at pools and fitness centres (95 per cent).

About a quarter of OneCard holders are taking advantage of the flexibility the pass offers by using more than one facility.

“The report clearly shows the OneCard’s success especially around increased facility usage across Vancouver and more participation by people with limited financial means,” said Park Board Chair Aaron Jasper.

It hasn’t been all smiles for the City when it comes to OneCard, however. Last fall, six community centres–including the heavily used Hillcrest facility–tried unsuccessfully to stop the universal access program.

Image: City of Vancouver

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