Chewed gum public art at the Vancouver Art Gallery: have you stuck your gum yet?

Gumhead Douglas Coupland Vancouver Art Gallery

Germaphobes, beware. This latest piece of public art by Douglas Coupland is either the coolest thing ever or the most unhygienic object imaginable.

The interactive 7-foot tall exhibit, named ‘Gumhead’, is located on a grassy mound outside of the Vancouver Art Gallery at Howe Street and will remain at the location for gum sticking until September 1.

Everyone is encouraged to turn this act of public space defacing into a dynamic piece of public art, and within its first two weeks of public display it has already been partially covered with a layer of gum.

Underneath all that chewed gum is a self-portrait sculpture of Coupland himself, who is known for involving others in creating his art pieces while also relying on everyday objects for his materials.

In the coming summer months, ‘Gumhead’ will complement the functional semi-art, street-level ‘Urban Reef’ functional public space at Robson Square.



Image: Vancouver Art Gallery


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Gumhead Douglas Coupland Vancouver Art Gallery

Gumhead Douglas Coupland Vancouver Art Gallery

Gumhead Douglas Coupland Vancouver Art Gallery

Images: Kenneth Chan / Vancity Buzz

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