10 Vacation Spots for Locals

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As we all know, Vancouver is amazing. Sooner or later it’ll be time to check out the rest of BC. Wondering where to start? The following is a list of 10 places in BC you have to check out.

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10 BC Vacation Spots for Locals

By Vancity Buzz

As we all know, Vancouver is great city. Sooner or later you should take time to check out the rest of BC. Wondering where to start? The following is a list of 10 places in BC you have to check out!

  • Victoria

    By Vancity Buzz

    Located on the southeastern tip of Vancouver Island, Victoria is the capital of BC & home to BC Parliament. Fortunately for us Vancouverites, it’s a scenic ferry ride away. Look for whales!

  • Tofino

    By Vancity Buzz

    Another great place on Vancouver Island is Tofino. Located on the east side of the Island, Tofino attracts surfers from around the world! From beaches to the Pacific Rim Park, Tofino is a fun escape.

  • The Okanagan

    By Vancity Buzz

    From Kelowna, Osyoos, Vernon, to anywhere else in the Okanagan Valley, you are guaranteed a relaxing vacation. The valley is world famous for its wine region, great mountains, and summer adventures!

  • Whistler

    By Vancity Buzz

    World class skiing in the winter & fantastic mountain biking in the summer, Whistler is the perfect place for any adventure enthusiast! It’s not too far from the city and the drive is beautiful.

  • Sunshine Coast

    By Vancity Buzz

    There are a lot of places to check out on the Sunshine Coast. If you are interested in hiking, fishing, kayaking, sailing, biking, or any adventure activities, it’s a perfect weekend getaway.

  • Harrison Hot Springs

    By Vancity Buzz

    Just a quick hop from Vancouver, Harrison Hot Springs is only 120 km away. Their natural hot springs are renowned by all who visit. Harrison Hot Springs is a very cool quick vacation.

  • Lake O’Hara

    By Vancity Buzz

    Arguably one of the most beautiful places in the world, Lake O’Hara is situated in the centre of Yoho National Park and is surrounded by the Canadian Rockies.

  • Gulf Islands

    By Vancity Buzz

    Located in the Strait of Georgia between Vancouver Island and the mainland, the Gulf Islands are a series of gorgeous and unique islands that are quite honestly all worth a visit.

  • Revelstoke

    By Vancity Buzz

    Located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, Revelstoke is an exciting vacation any time of the year. Every type of skiing in the winter to hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing in the summer.

  • Kamloops

    By Vancity Buzz

    Whether you are interested in one of the 7 places to golf, 2 mountains to ski, an ice fishing experience or just being  surrounded by over 100 lakes, Kamloops is an underrated vacation spot in BC.

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