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Lyka is a fashion/glamour model from Vancouver. She has four different background (Spanish-Spain, Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino). She has worked in music videos, TV series, jewelry + clothing lines. Also, she has been featured in online + print magazines in USA and UK.

As a model, she enjoys working with talented people to express herself and be creative. Lyka is down-to-earth yet she has a fun, upbeat personality. Lyka is always down to party and mingle with other people. Not only does Lyka use beauty and art for empowerment, she embraces her work as a nurse, fitness/nutrition advocate, and animal right activist.

Lyka has left her modeling career for a while in 2013 to focus more on helping people in her medical career. However, she is back again to share her talent with other people.

Model: Lyka Riese


Lyka Riese

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Lyka Riese 2

Photos by Torquille De Jonge

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