UPDATED: North Vancouver restaurant allegedly short changes customer $30 who bought $7.42 sandwich

Giardino Pizzeria

The operators of Giardino Pizzeria on 115 West 15th Street in North Vancouver have found themselves at the centre of a social media storm in which they are ridiculed for their alleged poor business practices.

A disgruntled customer named Jeff was allegedly short changed $30 after handing over a $50 bill to purchase a $7.42 pulled beef sandwich. According to his Facebook post, the restaurant clerk only gave him $12.60 in return and refused to provide proper change, essentially making this a purchase for a $37 sandwich.

He called the North Vancouver RCMP’s non-emergency line, however, he is told there is nothing police can do as it is a civil dispute between him and the manager.

The incident escalated when the customer made another attempt to discuss the matter with the restaurant clerk and manager. Instead, the restaurant allegedly called the police on the man, who then had to explain to police his side of the story.

As Jeff was told before on the phone, there was nothing that law enforcement officers could do so he used social media to get the word out.

Since then, the restaurant’s reviews on Yelp and Urban Spoon have plummeted and its Facebook page has been bombarded by low reviews and comments that berate the business.

Some have even pointed out that the restaurant has been charging a non-existent 6 per cent tax, based on a photo of the receipt for the “$37.00 sandwich” which shows a 42 cent tax charged on the $7.00 sandwich.

The restaurant could not be contacted for comment.

Update: Giardino responds to allegations

Giardino has responded to the allegations with a status post on their Facebook page (response posted in full below). After the incident, according to their statement, they claim to have checked their computer record sales record which showed a “perfect match” between the day’s total cash sales and the actual cash in the till.

“There is an old saying that the ‘The he customer is always right,'” wrote the manager. “In this case, the customer was wrong.”

They also claim the incident has spurred threatening phone calls and “defamatory lies” that have been posted about their restaurant on the internet.

“We think most Canadians will agree that nobody should be subjected to this kind of cyber-bullying.”

However, their statement did not address the matter of the alleged 6 per cent tax as printed on Jeff’s receipt.

Giardino Pizzeria

Jeff’s story goes viral:

Here’s the story.. absolutely disgusting.

Introducing the $37 dollar sandwich from Giardino Pizzeria on 115 15th st. W. Lonsdale North Vancouver.

So I walk into this place hungry at 10pm. Order the pulled beef sandwich ($7.42 with tax) hand him a $50 he hands me back $12.60…. I tell him, he refuses to give me my change saying it is my fault. I said no you need to make sure you are giving proper change to the public that is part of your job, he tells me to call the cops…

I call the non-emergency line, cause let’s face it its $30 bucks the woman on dispatch tells me its a civil dispute and they do not get involved … Ok is there anything I can do ? No it is a civil dispute between you and the manager… Manager is his girlfriend standing right beside him laughing. No joke they were laughing the whole time . OK hang up. Talk to the guy again calmly he tells me angrily to get off the property “I am calling the police!!!” I say “Great please do”, I leave the restaurant and wait on the sidewalk because that is his right to ask me to leave his property.

3 police cars show up, I tell one of the officers the situation and I say I know the dispatch just told me there is nothing to do about the $30 between me and the manager, I am sorry if you’re wasting your time but I wasn’t going to leave the sidewalk while this guy phones the police after stealing $30 from me( in the meantime I’m glancing inside and they are both still laughing away) I said to the officers, I’m glad they can have a sense of humour about this. The officers agree with me they apologize for this guy but still nothing they can do.

They ask if I want to press charges for a non $30 related issue, I say no sorry you guys had to come down here, the officers say “no no its fine we understand and now we know as well now to never come here” they suggest to me to spread this story over social media, just not to be slanderous. Of course. They apologize and say take care. Pick up the $37 dollar special sac off the sidewalk, get back to my buddies house and open the bag to a sandwich that looks like it was prepared by a toddler. Anyways, sorry for the long story I could not let this slide. The worst part was that, they kept laughing the whole time, this sandwich hustler knew what he was doing. Hope it was worth it you charlatans.

Please friends and common folk do me justice and never ever go to this place. I have never dealt with this kind of back alley sandwich hustle.
Touche Giardino Pizzeria, touche …

– Jeff

A response from Giardino Pizzeria:

We value our reputation for honesty and integrity and strive at all times to deliver high quality service to our customers.

On Friday evening, one of our customers claimed we had shortchanged him $30.00, within five minutes of the sale transaction.

We took the customer’s claim seriously, as any decent business would. We immediately checked our computer sales record. This allowed us to compare our total cash sales for the day to the cash in our till. There was a perfect match.

There is an old saying that “The customer is always right.” In this case, the customer was wrong. He was not short-changed.

With the benefit of hindsight, however, we probably should simply have paid the customer off and absorbed the $30 dollar loss. Perhaps letting the customer be “right” when he is “wrong” is simply one of the costs of accepting cash payments.

Following the incident, somebody posted defamatory lies about us on the Internet. These lies provoked many misinformed, critical comments. Some comments were hate-filled and ugly. Our staff have received threatening phone calls. We think most Canadians will agree that nobody should be subjected to this kind of cyber-bullying.

We would like to thank our loyal customers for their heartwarming emails. We invite others who do not know us yet to remember there are two sides to every story. Visit us, try our excellent food, our superb service, and judge for yourselves.

Manager, Giardino Pizzeria

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  • Bc Buddy
  • Ghostnite

    maybe they should have a camera on the till, that would solve alot of this issue right now. as for the dispute on who is right, since both sides called the cops id like to hear the recordings from this.

  • BordenGaming

    I got ripped off for a 75 dollar scratch ticket and from an Irving and had no way to dispute it.
    So I guess the shitty consumers are the only deviants with hustling knowledge.
    Get real.

  • Shadow

    Did they have working camera over the till? If yes they should be able to c what bill was giver 20 or a 50!!! ALSO IF 50$ was given they would be able to c manager or clerk removing 30$ from the till before they count which explains y transaction record and cash in till matched, its is a very simple trick used by shady clerks charge one amount enter in to computer another and give wrong change back that way transaction records and cash in till match after specific amount of cash removed from the till by the culprit. Learned that after discovering similar operation caught on camera clerk thought wasn’t working at my friends business.

  • Blacktiger

    Just did the math, if the customer gave $20 then the change was right, rounded to the penny. Tip to the cashier never put the bill into the till until the customer has a chance to make sure his change is correct. What I find interesting is the stated cash tendered is $50, and how does the manager answer to that.

  • al

    I bet the clerk pocketed the 30

  • Bc Buddy

    another tasty Giardino pizza..

  • Navygirl

    no Borden they are not…but…they have the kiosks now to check you own ticket, because the gaming commissions figured out that some people weren’t being honest to the consumer in some cases. thats apples to oranges to try and compare the two…in this case he would have seen right away that he didn’t get the right change back…had he gone to the bbb they would have fought on his behalf if he had truly been ripped off they would have got his money back (cameras don’t lie)..to go to the media just promotes ill will and should a civil case ensue he will now be out of pocket for legal fees. thats about as real as I can get

  • Navygirl

    they do..they did..which is why they issued the statement.

  • Deb.

    I find it hard to believe a customer would arbitrary make up something , call the police, and take the time to voice his complaint. The portion of his story that involved the owner and the owners boyfriend laughing at him when he’s upset due to being short changed is so childish and non businesslike .

  • BordenGaming

    The BBB?
    They are con jobbers themselves.
    Just check out the marketplace episode on youtube.

  • Tee-EL

    Calling Charles Stiles from that TV show Mystery Diners.

  • Bc Buddy

    here’s the thieves!

  • Natasha Fatale

    that doesn’t explain why they are charging more tax then they should

  • Navygirl

    I don’t know what the tax is in bc, it says 5 percent and 7 percent..so split the difference I guess..he got back. 60 cents so he wasn’t charged 6 percent either or they would have given him back 58 cents.

  • canada is naive

    The crack head employee obviously took the money idiot Canada. That’s called “swindling” here in the US. HOW would a customer not know he has $30 in his pocket? If the customer is making a stink about it and it’s not in the til, guess where it is? Your employees pocket. Hope it was worth the loss of business dumbasses.

  • Skrupple

    If the restaurant had made such an honest mistake why did they laugh at this customer. I truly do not find this funny at all. I hope they go out of business. Enough said.

  • konajinx

    So don’t buy a fucking beef sandwich. He got overcharged for being a complete douchenozzle and ordering shit. Serves him right. I FARTED!

  • Vanres

    Um. The restaurant doesn’t serve dominoes or Pizza Hut type pizza, they make neopolitan pizza which should look like that…

  • stef mck

    To the Giardino Pizzeria manager : the money in the till matched the cash sales ? It would ! The extra $30 change was pocketed by your cashier. So the $30 was not in the till, and not handed to the customer. And the receipts looked right. Time to stocktake ?

  • stef mck

    the $42.58 was not handed over. Customer got 12.58 change and $30 went to the cashier’s pocket, once the customer left. So the till is right, the customer got short changed and the cashier made $30.

  • Navygirl

    its only the customers word that he didn’t get it back..the receipt reflects the correct amounts, stef

  • Anonymous

    They deleted all the negative reviews on Yelp and close their Facebook. This slimy business can hide real negative reviews but they can’t hide the truth.

  • stef mck

    yes, I can see the amounts in the picture, but that doesn’t mean that the customer got all of it. It just means that $42.58 left the till. And when the customer called the police, he was probably hoping that the CCTV was working. He took a chance there, didn’t he ? What if the CCTV showed he was in the wrong ? If he was the criminal, and his little scam had failed, would he really have called the police himself ?

    Reading reviews on Google, there is another customer who got short changed, so perhaps more will come forward.

  • Janelle Diaz

    $50 is ‘such a high denomination’???? I’ve paid for my coffees with a $100 dollar bill. Absolutely nothing wrong in paying for food with a $50 or $100 dollar bill. Guess it could be considered ‘high’ for you.

  • Tony

    I’m Italian, I know very well what Neapolitan style pizza should look like and it should still have more toppings than the pathetic attempt they made with that one. I’d be ashamed to serve that.

  • rudy m

    Absolutely agree.old con.gave u a fifty b.s..amazing stupidity and red neck anger always by anonymous.

  • vancouverite

    the same thing happened to me there with a hundred guy said i dont have change fir this be right back lady comes out gives me 20 bucks they told me to leave these people are doing this regularly wtf. If you cant afford your rent because you dont sell enough food its probably because it tastes like feces and you rob your customers. Total D bags insert word that starts with D at will, if you love crap food and being robbed this place is defs best restaurant on the coast lol!!!!!! Stay clear if you dont want to be treated like a theif robbed and served crap food!!!!

  • dumpster

    mmmm looks about as good as the dump i want someome to take in their deserving mouths lol

  • vancouverite

    these people.are so italian not persian pretending to be nowonder there food is soo good it tastes like dog shit ps they f*ck whites by robbing them they are about as italian as a hobbos sneakerz. white “chef” likely trained at le corps and poo.

  • vancouverite

    pizzeria is the squirts you get from the crap they serve gotta love shittin liquid for dayz

  • fthisplaceinthea

    nice bs response we checked our till and fkund tbat our dbag staff stole the 30 dollars customer is always wrong come let use rob yoj and serve you crap that tastes like brunt rubber. so happy for all the emails for our imaginary demon regulars who also steal from us and eat our poop f you customers soo sorry this happened. i hope you choke on your poop food lol. suck it liars

  • Nick Danylyshyn

    why would the customer a) call the police and b) go waaay out of his way to post this online just to make a measly 30$? You really think anyone has that much time/motivation? It would have been less stressful to just go to work for an hour or two…

    That combined with the 6% tax puts the restaurant in a very actionable position. It seems pretty clear to me that the restaurant is lying through its goddamn teeth.

  • Nick Danylyshyn

    srsly navygirl shut up. every comment you post i can see how biased you are, and like you said you dont even LIVE here. HAve you ever eaten at this place? How about you try it before you start flapping your ignorant jaw.

  • Nick Danylyshyn


    a) a man goes out of his way, risks hours upon hours of time, a criminal record, and police involvement, and internet harrasment, JUST to take 30 dollars from the local pizzeria?
    b) Cashier short changes customer, pockets money and lies to the boss about it, so that a cash check clears the cashier of blame. Then the restaurant, desperately trying to save its reputation, lies about the whole ordeal trying to get their customers back.

    Also the company is charging 6% on taxes! That should put their entire character of their buisness into question. Stop trying to help the greedy fucks of the 1% you stupid bitch.

  • Navygirl

    You’re 21 days too late, Nick, and I’m trying to show that there are two sides to each story. That shows a very unbiased, humble thought process. In other words, I don’t come down on either side of the line, I don’t dismiss the customer, he could have been shortchanged, but I won’t jump all over the owners either, as I have seen and been subject to this sort of scam. Go find a more recent article and jump into that one..this one’s pretty old..