Man arrested for running on SkyTrain tracks

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A man has been arrested for running on the elevated SkyTrain tracks near Main Street-Science World.

Transit Police pursued him on a foot chase and was able to apprehend the man. Following arrest, he was loaded onto an empty train.

According to Transit Police, he did not want to wait for the Train2Main shuttle that comes every 12 minutes and decided to walk to Commercial-Broadway Station. The man did not make contact with the electrified third rail and was not hurt.

The incident occurred just after 5 p.m. and caused systemwide delays for at least 30 minutes during the evening rush hour. Regular service resumed shortly after the man was pulled away.

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  • Dee

    an a-hole thought about himself than others.

  • mofromUS

    Nice of you to tell those of us that have never heard of Sky Train what in the hell it is, or even better where it is. Where are you people finding the reporters these days, Sky Mall

  • Jonathan
  • chuckle

    Lol because the word “skytrain” does not convey enough of an image, nor does the fact you’re commenting on a website called vancitybuzz tip you off.

  • spy13

    Hey retard its vancity buzz… as in vancouver… skytrain is the main source of public transportation ya tool… move away or shut up

  • ryanfromVANCITYderpderp

    Are you retarded? This is called, VANCITY (Vancouver City) BUZZ. The sky train system is our rapid public transportation system here.

  • Allan Hall

    You could have also googled “main street-science world”, which would have brought you a similar result to Jonathan’s comments

  • mofromUS

    from Tennessee, USA Sorry never heard of it before. If someone is going to write story and place it all over the world Via the internet. They might like to tell the readers a bit more info about it. All I am saying. Kind of like me telling to bigO is on fire, you have no clue its a friggin doughnut shop do you.Don’y have a clue about Vancity either.

  • iwanttobelieve

    Totally, like every story about a subway or bus comes with a disclaimer explaining what a subway or bus is for the people living in Amazonian rainforest who have never heard of subways or buses. While we’re talking about the internet though, rather than getting annoyed that a local blog written by Vancourverites about local Vancouver news contains references to things that everyone in Vancouver knows, you could say…. go to any search engine and type “skytrain” and less then a second later be staring at the answer. It’s not a travel guide, it’s local news for locals. Why the hell would they need to explain what the skytrain is to people in Vancouver? Why would you expect any local news source/blog to have to explain the minutia of regional transit on the off chance that a guy from Tennessee might stumble upon the blog, get confused and NOT just google the word skytrain and figure it out? What do you use the internet for? Derp.

  • Mike X
  • Benjamin Gauci


  • mofromUS

    Hey pucksatony phil, it was on a national page going out to the fucking world not just to local Canadians. Maybe its to cold between your ears way up there to understand that. All they had to say was Skytrain in Vancouver and I might have put 2 and 2 together. If your writers learned how to be a true Journalist maybe we wouldn’t have to google every damn thing we read just to comprehend it, asshat.

  • iwanttobelieve

    Maybe if you understood the difference between a blogger and a journalist you wouldn’t be so confused in the first the place. Just because something is posted on the internet does not require to come with a glossary of the most banal details for the morons who can’t navigate google, dumbfuck. If you put a fraction of the effort into using the basic feature of the internet (search engine) instead of composing these moronic comments you wouldn’t find the world and internet such a confusing place. This isn’t the New York Times and no one here is chasing a Pulitzer Prize (do you need me to explain what a Pulitzer is?) it’s article about a crazy guy running on our train tracks and delaying transit, what makes you think the writers or anyone else cares if some idiot who’s never been to Vancouver doesn’t get it? Especially when that ignorance hinges on said idiots inability to type 8 letters in a search bar. Everything on the internet that isn’t hidden behind a paywall or password protected is “out to the fucking world”. Do you get mad that Chinese papers are published in Chinese even though they go “out to the fucking world”?

  • Cyph

    You typed your question in a comment instead of in a google search. Don’t be surprised that you got back comments instead of search results.

  • MoSpeaksSouthernEngwish

    Converting mofromUS’s language into English:
    “If someone is going to write A story and place it all over the internet, they might like to tell the readers a bit more info about the Skytrain”. That is all I am saying. It is kind of like me telling you the BigO is on fire. You have no clue it’s a fucking donut shop, do you? Not being from Vancouver, I do not understand the reference to the Skytrain posted in this article”

    “it’s TOO cold” “If your writer’s learned how to be true journalistS”

    Sir, you are definitely from Tennessee as your language comprehension is similar to our 10 year old children. You are definitely a true American from the South.

  • couven

    it’s a local news page, asshat. you can find local news for anywhere on the internet. Just because it’s on the internet doesn’t make it international news

  • Mainlander

    You’re an even bigger idiot than this guy.

  • AssHat900

    They stopped service to the station, maybe he just cant read and got tired of waiting.

  • Unhappy Easter Bunny

    I was mad that I had to wait 9 trains at Stadium/ Chinatown Station! Then got squished into a kart, had to touch butts with some dude, then my friend got stuck behind a guy that looked like Santa who hadn’t showered since Christmas… HAPPY EASTER MONDAY TO US!

  • Mathieu Pierre Youdan

    lol perfect troilling