3 UBC students travel across Europe with no money

red bull can you make it

Three UBC students Ron Denischuk, David Maybury  and Conner Moran have been chosen as 1 of 3 teams from across universities in Canada and 1 of 100 teams from around the world to participate in the Red Bull Can You Make It Challenge.  

The Challenge consists of the three students known as “Salmon Force 5” travelling from London, England and then transiting to Berlin, Germany with no cash, no wallets and no phones.  Their only currency is a case of Red Bull. They fly to London courtesy of Red Bull on April 2nd, begin the race on the 4th and have one week to make the journey bartering for food, accommodation and transportation. In addition, the team will need to pass six checkpoints and their challenges that await them at these locations.

Ron, self-proclaimed extreme adventurer saw the concept and encouraged Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) fraternity friends to create the team and apply in the contest. Conner, road trip enthusiast created the one-minute audition film which won them the coveted spot. Dave, the ladies man, is relying on his charm to garner the team as much free or contra goods as possible.

By liking their team page, Salmon Force 5 will earn extra points towards the overall goal. Timing is a little challenging as they are finishing classes and preparing for finals however the opportunity to participate was too good to be true.

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