Vancouver Models: Claudia Piotrowska

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Claudia is the perfect embodiment of a woman with both stunning beauty and a lot of brains. Completing her double-major at UBC this year in International Relations and English with honours, she demonstrates that academia and aesthetics need not be at odds.

Since she started her university career, Claudia has been building up her modelling, acting and dance portfolio, all the while juggling her studies, work and philanthropy. Though she has always been academically inclined (with already 4 languages under her belt), Claudia can’t seem to quell her insatiable desire to be in front of a camera or an audience – she has worked with many of Vancouver’s leading photographers, videographers and promotional companies.

When she has the chance, Claudia loves to travel and has an avid desire to try new things. On her days off, which are far and few in between, you’ll find her either curled up with her favourite books or out on the town dancing the night away with her best girls.

Watch out Vancouver. With Claudia graduating this year, there is nothing stopping her from ripping full throttle into the art and entertainment industry, which she fully intends on doing. Keep your eyes out for big things from this gorgeous girl.

Model: Claudia Piotrowska

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Photos by Torquille De Jonge

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