Ultimate Caesar Garnish in Vancouver

Ultimate Caesar

Don’t look now, but it looks like the Score on Davie has just won the Caesar garnish game. Called the “Checkmate Caesar,” it’s garnished with a full roast chicken, Score burger, slider, chicken wings, pulled pork mac and cheese hot dog, roasted vegetables (in case you’re worried about your figure) and a brownie for dessert.

However, at $60.00 it does not come cheap and is recommended to be consumed between a group of people. According to a Score spokesperson, it takes 20 minutes to prepare the drink and food.

They are also the makers of the Luongo Caesar and the phone lock box game. You can say that they have been on a roll with unique ideas.

Your move, other restaurants.

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  • Curtzo

    If there is not a bean in this, I’ll be right pissed off!

  • Tone

    Score recently put up glass panels enclosing their outdoor space and they look really permanent. A big part of the patio’s charm is the close proximity to the sidewalk, and to Davie St. The panels ruin that.

    Add a dash of Chanel No. 5 and a packet of Tums and I’m on board.

  • Yalda

    This is gross.

  • Heavyfog

    How much? Still $12?

  • seasea

    It is clearly listed in the short article above, Heavyfog**…..

  • Heavyfog

    Thanks. Saw that..It didn’t when I first saw the article. Cheers.

  • JustJash

    how exactly are you supposed to DRINK this caesar?

    seems like this is jenga with bar food. pull the wrong piece and it’ll all fall down.


    Hi! Those ‘walls’ are not permanent and will be taken down when the spring hits! They’re only there in the winter.

  • meep

    today is the first day of spring! :)

  • score on davie


  • Dave

    How much alcohol is in it… what really matters.

  • Brandon

    The only bad thing about this is that all the ice will be melted by the time you actually get to drink the ceasar…

  • Tone

    Oh good thanks. The patio adds some great vibe to the street.

  • Jenga

    What is this, the United States of Obesity?

  • maxicakes

    Now all they need to do is change their name back to Sugar Daddy’s. Which was the BEST and MOST ELEGANT name for a bar EVER.

  • Gengar

    pull them all off at the same time lol

  • Sam Martorana

    I love Caesars but this is just plain ridiculous.