Top 20 Winter Challenge 2014 Videos

Snow Swimming Winter Challenge

The ‘Winter Challenge’ has gone completely viral on social media and it involves people recording videos of themselves partaking in an extremely cold, winter activity in an unconventional way.

Most have submerged themselves, including their entire head, under a cold lake or river while others completed snow angels with their bare skin.

Following the completion of the dare, they are then required to challenge other individuals who then have 24 hours to fulfill the Winter Challenge. The entire activity and dare is done for fun.

The most high-profile individual in B.C. to have completed the challenge is Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson. He completed the dare with City Councillor Andrea Reimer by swimming the frigid waters of Burrard Inlet. Upon completing the dip, Robertson challenged B.C. Premier Christy Clark to do the same.

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Here are our Top 10 Winter Challenge Videos (local, national and international):

1. Snow swimming in a speedo

2. Into a frozen lake wearing almost nothing

3. Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson and Councillor Andrea Reimer

4. Dive into Howe Sound

5. Snow angels

6. Team Spirit

7. A dip near Second Narrows Bridge

8. Into a freezing river

9. Freezing cold open ocean water

10. Splash!

11. Cold stream dip

12. Any snow that you can find on the ground…

13. Backflip into snow!

14. Cracks of a frozen lake

15. Jumping into a little pond

16. Swimming in freezing ditch water

17. Winter Challenge with floaties

18. Open ocean during snowfall

19. West Vancouver Police Department

20. Shovelling snow wearing [almost] nothing

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